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Here below are listed all families of ERONE transmitters of our catalogue:

Series 02

Transmitters Series 02 offer an ergonomic and modern design. This transmitter is provided in 2 different frequencies 433,92 and 868,30 MHz and with 2 modulations ASK and FSK...

Series 024AContinue

Series 034A

High security transmitter with rolling code technology, encoded in factory in encrypted and unreproducible way...

Serie 034AContinue

Series 074A

Erone transmitters Serie 07 have an innovative design with shield shape profile in anodized aluminium and gummed push buttons. They operate at 433,92 MHz in AM/ASK modulation...

Serie 07Continue

Series MINI

The transmitters ERONE series MINI offer a design small and ergonomic. Are available different frequencies ( 433,92 MHz and 868.30 MHz) and 2 modulations ASK and FSK....

Series MINIContinue

Series OVAL

The transmitters ERONE Series OVAL have a sinuous and linear design. They are manufactured with several frequencies 433.,92, 27.195 and 30.875 MHz in AM/ASK modulation...

Serie OVALIContinue

Series FLAT

The transmitters ERONE Series FLAT propose a winning and flat style. With this design are available types operating at 433.92 MHz with 2 different modulations: ASK and FSK ...

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The transmitters ERONE series DIGIKEY find their best use where it's necessary to allow the wireless activation of doors, gates, garage doors, alarm systems only to authorized personnel...

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The transmitters ERONE series KEYFREE are an innovative solution on the range of remote controls . It's enough to SKIM OVER" the cover to get a radio transmission...

Series KEYFREE Continue


The transmitters ERONE series SWITCH are outdoor transmitters with 230 Vac power supply. The case has a IP55 protection grade. The e.r.p. output power can reach even 3 mW...

Series SWITCHContinue

Series WALL

The transmitters ERONE Series WALL have a Design studied to be suited on any architectural environment...

Series WALLContinue

Series DIN

DIN guide high security transmitter with rolling code security system, encoded in factory in unreproducible and encrypted way. Best use for industrial and / or domestic transmissions...

Series DIN Continue


The multi-gang transmitter is a radio transmitter operating at 433,92 MHz in AM/ASK modulation with a power supply of 230 Vac. The device emits a RF radio signal once powered, the transmitted signal is encoded with the protocol Keeloq® Hopping code and continues for the duration supply...

Series MULTIGANGContinue


Encoded transmitter module 1 channel with security code Keeloq® hopping code. Wire antenna. 9V battery supply...

Series MODULE Continue


Backlit compact metal radio keypad Wireless RF keypad, polished heavy duty Zamak® cast alloy. Surface mount with Torx® screws...

Series MULTIGANGContinue

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