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ERONE, The Wireless Solution of CDVI Group

Since the beginning of 2005 we are active part of the pool of companies shared by the French company CDVI SA, manufacturer of access control systems since 1985. CDVI Group includes, manufacturers and commercial branches, located in 4 continents. The total turn-over of the group has been 55 million dollars in the 2005, 90% of them coming from internal production. This result places the Group at the 33° position in the special ranking of the first 50 companies, or groups, operating in the residential security market.
Our brand "Erone" brings to the Group our own know-how for wireless solutions. The commercial branches of the CDVI Group are distributors of the products Erone as well.

Il core business

"Wireless solutions for the smart home": this is the field where we implement our know-how, with the main task to propose to the market the best and effective products, according to our professionalism.
We share the idea of a living room technology which has to be for anyone more a soft and comfortable presence rather than a stifling hug. It has to help the user to the conquest of new freedom spaces and to become the leader of his home devices and not their wallet.

 We are convinced that the most tactful, effective and cheap way to manage home information, is the usage of the radio signals. With this technology a main receiver can collect the periodic signals coming from any type of closure and alarm and give to the user, friendly and in real time, the status of the whole system.
These are our skills, and these are the products we offer to the market.

The transmitter first of all: we think of it as a personal tool, with a nice and careful design, which everybody wish to own and to show: a true personal object.

Than there are all the hidden devices which need an installation, as universal receivers, function programmers, radio-switches, radio sensors, which complete the functional range and make it possible interactive and embedded solutions.

Finally the products which can’t be hide, as infrared photocells, radio keypad, etc, which can be considered like forniture devices.

The strategy

Our customers operate in many fields and with different technologies : some are manufacturers who integrate wireless solutions with their own products, some are wholesalers and importers and all deal with the smart home.

Main sectors of our market:

  • Automatic closures
  • Electric locks
  • Access control and biometrics
  • Alarms
  • Videosurveillance
  • Building automation


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