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ERONE Wireless Solution

ERONE: CDVI Group wireless technology

CDVI Wireless SPA, born in 1996, belongs to CDVI Group since 2005. It develops and manufactures analog and digital wireless electronic devices. ERONE by CDVI Wireless, is the commercial brand which identifies the wireless products of the CDVI Group.

Product introduction

ERONE, wireless solutions for the smart home, is intended for Automatic Closures, Allarms, Electric installations and more applications.

Within Erone solutions you can find Electronic programmers, Infrared photocells and many accessories.


A wireless solution needs to choose a RECEIVER and one or more TRANSMITTERS operating on the same frequency and with the same transmission protocol. The protocol includes the security code which can be fixed (with dip-switches ) or dynamic ( Rolling code ) with unique set-in-factory serial number.

The carrier frequencies of the range are as follows:

  • Band UHF: 433.92 MHz in AM/ FM modulation, 868.30 MHz in AM/FM modulation.
  • Band HF: 27.195 and 30.875 MHz quartzed controlled.
  • More frequencies in UHF Band under customer request , in compliance with Countries Regulations.

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