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  • Operating modes: Automatic, Semi-automatic, Always open, Door free;
  • Operating with single door, double door, w/without leaf overlapping;
  • Guided procedure for door travel limits and door characterization;
  • Easy spring preload setup, software assisted;
  • Remote controls memorization and management;
  • Slow motion approaching the limits;
  • Push & Go / Pull & Go function;
  • Pause Time, max Closing Speed, max Opening Speed adjustable;
  • Status bicolor LED;
  • Electrolock hold time and torque adjustable;
  • Opening Jolt parameters adjustable;
  • Stop photocells range adjustable;
  • “Fire mode”;
  • Night / Day mode;
  • Door open output relay.
  • Cycles counter
F0543000163Single door operator for inswing doors with sliding arm
F0543000164Single door operator for outswing doors with articulated arm
F0543000165Single door operator for inswing or outswing doors with universal arm

Digiway-SR mod. DWSR102xCD is an indoor operator ( IP40) for swing doors, with integrated electronic controller and built-in radio receiver. The opening motion is manual or electromechanical, the closing is spring-driven servo-assisted. The operator is suitable for swing doors with max width of 1,5 m or max weight of 200 Kg.

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